specialists in shiplift, transfer and slipway projects


Marinlift is active worldwide in cooperating with clients to develop and realize the equipment installation for lifting and controlled launching/on-shore transferring  of vessels and off-shore structures.

As a system integrator Marinlift specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of such systems. Our team will provide management of turn-key projects including, as an option, the process of obtaining the required financing of the project. In execution phase we will work alongside the construction team of the civil contractor and the yards management.

We operate in both acquisition as well as execution phase with a fixed group of key-equipment/services supply partners.

Marinlift is committed to support and optimize the realization of each of these projects for the benefit of the customers, economically and in practice.
Therefore we have formed our strategic alliance.  

Company History and presence

Marinlift is a company wherein APS Europrotech and Dredging Marine Offshore Equipment and its alliance partners merged their knowledge and experience into a center of competence.

Our reliability is based on proven technology.


To be able to respond quickly and adapt to the needs of different locations in the world we have in-house engineering capacity. The participation of the established strategic alliance guarantees our constant quality and flexibility through experience. As some of our partners own production facilities in different countries or have strong working relations abroad, we can keep the costs low without loss in quality and efficiency.

In most cases Marinlift offers design and supply of the platform, winches, trestles and control system as a turn-key project. Ideally we will work in co-operation with a civil contractor to reach the most efficient design and execution of the project. Based on the clients business model, preview of vessels to be handled at the yard and the available area to be developed, we can make use of an proven pre-design/calculation tool to present a proposal complete with Capex expectations.

Maintenance and sedimentation issue’s will be addressed during design stage in co-operation with the civil-works designers.

Engineering capability

Marinlift works with a team of engineers and fem/ansys specialists to support our core activities. Design and analysis can be performed in Autocad, inventor, Ansys, Ansys Akwa, Rhino and Shipconstructor.
Offering concept-engineering of a shiplift/transfer or slipway system in the acquisition phase is an essential factor in our market approach.

Products :
– Shiplift systems
– Transfer systems
– Slipway systems
– Studies and engineering
– Maintenance program
– Project finance solutions
– Service

Marinlift alliance partners for key equipment and services:

Perfect Industries – steelworks
DMT – Winches
Kraaijeveld – Winches
Marilogics – control systems
Transport Technics and Services international – installation and assembly

We have a flexible project team that covers Design, QA/QC, contract/client management and site management.

Service and Maintenance

In order to keep the heart of your shipyard operational and efficient, Marinlift provides aftersales services, repairs and spare-parts making use of an experienced team of engineers. As speed is always essential, we offer flexible availability to support our clients. Where and when needed we can cooperate with local service partners to reduce the intervals in your uptime of the lift installation and transfer systems.


Partners in Marinlift

Jac. Wels (APS)

Wide international management/commercial experience in hydraulic systems/system integration and has been directly involved in design and realization of shiplift and transfer systems up to a lifting capacity of 20.000 Ton. Relevant IP is in our possession and is part of the asset of the company.

David Tenwolde (DMOE)

Wide international experience in dredging, marine civil construction, heavy and indivisible transport as well as design/construction of Vessels and tools for the dredging/mining/offshore, both at operational and management level.


Marinlift BV 
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