Alucor Limited and Marinlift BV sign an agreement to form a joint venture for supply and construction of on-shore and off-shore equipment

Alucor Limited and Marinlift BV are pleased to announce that they have agreed to establish a new joint venture to execute projects for the design, engineering, supply and installation of on-shore and off-shore equipment such as ship-lift, ship-transfer and slipway systems. The joint venture will capitalize on the strength of Alucor in manufacturing and construction of large-scale structural steel and mechanical equipment, and will leverage the strong reputation that Marinlift BV has in the industry as the leading provider for design and supply of complex port equipment.

“Managing the manufacturing, construction and commissioning of critical components is crucial to our customers to successfully complete the development of large and complex on-shore and off-shore projects. With 80 years of combined experience, over 2000 employees and more than 100,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities, we are confident that we can meet the most demanding project requirements. Our combined team is in a unique position to assist our clients achieve timely project completion with a commitment to zero injury, and to the highest quality and environmental standards” said Mr Nimish Bhatia, Managing Director of Alucor Limited.

“Our joint venture is based on our shared values to provide our clients with a single source of design, engineering, supply and installation” commented Mr Jacques Wels, CEO of Marinlift BV. “Together, we will not only be able to design and engineer the most complex systems, but will also have all manufacturing and construction capabilities in-house to supply and install all necessary equipment such as platforms, trestles, winches and bogies integrated with state-of-the-art instrumentation and controls.”

The joint venture will operate under the name ALUCOR MARINLIFT, and will be jointly executing projects around the world. For any queries or opportunities related to the joint venture, please contact the company representatives below.

Mr. Rahul Bhatia
Commercial Director

+971 4 883 1667

Mr. David Tenwolde
Chief Technical Officer

+31 338 79 52 97

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